Dorothea Margarete Berger *1953

Painting  is not simply brush strokes on canvas, it becomes art through observation and perception of  moods or thoughts. Nature is an important topic for me. My goal is to perceive them in all their facets and beauty and to reproduce them on the screen. It is important to me not to depict what I see in a purely naturalistic way - that's what photography is for - but according to my feelings and my imagination.

For the viewer of my work, I wish that he can understand my inspiration through nature when looking at the pictures and I would like to convey to him how important the subject of nature is. My works are initially based on graphic specifications and develop into non-representational, abstract representations, some of them in a floral style.

I work extensively with various objects such as brushes, spatulas or sponges in order to then work out fine details, and any tool is fine with me. This can be kitchen paper as well as scraps of fabric, or natural materials such as sand.

Diversity and my own color mixtures are very important to me, and I wish that the viewer of my works recognizes this and perhaps develops their own feeling for color. I prefer acrylic and watercolor paints, but I also use pastel chalk from time to time. My artistic path was and is self-taught, various courses and studies have also taught the techniques of painting. 

I have been working as a freelance artist since 1998.

Each of my paintings can be acquired as an original or as a high quality print on canvas and other material.

For further information with regard to size, material or price please contact me by e-mail.