Dorothea Margarete Berger *1953

Painting is not simply brush strokes on canvas, it becomes art through observation and perception of mood or thought.

This keen observation has moved me since my childhood. I have so often paused in front of objects that others had clearly not noticed and had my daydreams ridiculed. These were the moments when I felt misunderstood and knew that I needed to lend expression to my observations. And so I started painting. Whilst other children were cavorting around outside, I sat in my room and painted. To start with I painted from photos and then at a point I dared to allow my pencil more freedom.

When the teacher asked us, during our art lessons, to allow our fantasy total freedom with pen and ink, I came into my element. This resulted in a wonderful filigree drawing, which still remains in my collection.

My artistic path was and remains mostly self-taught, although some courses have made me familiar with the finer touches.
After finishing the education as MTA and starting a family I have been working as a freelance artist since 1998 and work with various materials including watercolours, pastel and acrylic paints.
My works  mostly start from graphical specifications and develop into non-objective abstract representations, many of them in a floral style. The focus is on colour in a free sensation. Important for me is to see surrounding life and nature, that I reflect and try to paint with my personal expression.

Each of my paintings can be acquired as an original or as a high quality print.

For further information with regard to size, material or price please contact me telephonically or by e-mail.